Our Motto

"We believe in pinnacle success of all students. Every student has a lot of potential & we are creating opportunities as well as illuminating their path by guiding them on each and every step.”

Our Vision

Green Land Public School is situated in Block-A, Surya Vihar, Gurgaon. It was founded on 1st April, 1997. Since then the school is serving the society & nation by giving a sound knowledge, strong character and a brilliant future to its students. The students are achieving their goal and they are feeling like dream come true.
Our Ex president Dr. Abdul Kalam Said, “A pencil & a dream can take you anywhere.” School management & staff also feel that it happens many times that innocent children dreams and the power of pencil made their dreams come true. Our students are on the path of journey of education with an opportunity to dream.

Our Managment

Phool Kumari Devi Memorial Educational Society (Regd.), Gurgaon is managing Green Land Public School.
It’s Director Mr. Raju Sharma is an enthusiastic educationist. He is fully dedicated to the school & school children, Chairperson, Mrs. Savita Sharma and other society members are also making the school an exemplary Learning Temple.


Mrs. Surekha Michu
B.A. ; B.Ed (English Teacher)

English is an international language. English is a language not only of great literary heritage but also a higher technical and scientific learning. English language strengthens national integration and unity.

Mrs. Priyanka Mishra
M.A. (Sociology); M.Sc Zoology; B.Ed.; (Science Teacher)

The science of today is technology of tomorrow. Whose performance leads to great strides in career. Science is organized knowledge and wisdom which gives new dimension to our life.

सुमन शर्मा
एम0 ए0. (हिंदी अध्यापिका)

यह हमारा सौभाग्य है कि हमने हिंदुस्तान में जन्म लिया और हिंदी हमारी राष्ट्र भाषा है | आज जिस भाषा को हम पढते व बोलते है वह खडी बोली का परिष्कृत रूप है | हिंदी हमारी राजभाषा है और मुझे अपने देश और राजभाषा पर गर्व है |

श्रीमती सुनीता
एम0 ए0, (हिंदी अध्यापिका)

हिंदी भाषा एक ऐसी सशक्त भाषा है, जो विद्यार्थियों में सृजनात्मक, कल्पना-शक्ति एवं विचार शक्ति को प्रतिबिम्बित करती है |
यह जन- जन की भाषा है|

Deepika Sharma
B.Sc; B.Ed (Social Studies Teacher)

The subject of Social Studies teaches us to live better. It is not merely a gathering of facts and happening of dates but it is healthy adjustment with the world around us and understand how the world is going on.

Mrs. Rajni Gaind
M.Com; B.Ed (Mathematics Teacher)

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. It is such a useful language and tool that is considered one of the basic in our formal educational system. It is directly or indirectly related to our life and civilization. “The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics “